Dr. Erica Miller
 Israeli Air Force (veteran)
Holocaust Survivor | International Best-selling Author | Entrepreneur |
Inspirational Speaker | PhD in Clinical Psychology
"We have witnessed tragedies of immense proportions on a regular basis. However, we have also seen the power of the human spirit at its greatest. Dr. Erica Miller's story is a strong example of how truly powerful the human spirit can be when put to the test."
Rebecca and Dr. Peter Grossman
Grossman Burn Centers and Foundation
Dr. Erica Miller
  • Age Is Just a Number: How to Live Long and Well 
  • Don't Tell Me I Can't Do It
  • Guts, Grit, & Gusto: Finding Your Strength
  • Living Fearlessly: Lessons from the Holocaust 
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Dr. Erica Miller was born on November 10, 1933 in Tshernovitz, Romania. For seven years, Erica and her family lived a “normal” life. When she was seven, Erica and her family were among thousands of Jews herded into cattle cars and imprisoned in a Nazi holding camp in Mogilev, Ukraine. After four years of indescribable oppression and deprivation, Erica, her parents, and her sister were liberated by the Russians.
Her family emigrated to Israel in 1949, when she was 15. Erica attended high-school at night while working during the day. Since education was not a priority at that time, receiving her high school diploma was an uncommon accomplishment.
After high school, Erica pursued her dream to join the Israeli Air Force. She served proudly from 1954 to 1956. After her military service, she landed a prestigious job at the Israeli Government Tourist Information Office in Tel Aviv where she worked from 1956-1958.
Next, fate and opportunity brought her to Los Angeles, California, where she attended the University of Judaism (now American Jewish University) to pursue a degree in Hebrew education. While in Los Angeles, she met her future husband, Jerry Miller. Together they built a nest and filled it with two children.
In 1970, Erica returned to school. Eight years later, she graduated with a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. Shortly afterwards, she opened a chain of mental health clinics throughout Los Angeles and Orange County, which she ran for more than 30 years.
Today, in addition to public speaking, Dr. Miller oversees her family’s real estate business in Austin, Texas. She’s written three books, “The Dr. Erica Miller Story: From Trauma to Triumph,” “Don’t Tell Me I Can’t Do It: Living Audaciously in the Here and Now” and the international best-seller,  “Chronologically Gifted: Aging with Gusto!”
Dr. Miller has always considered herself a citizen of the world. She travels extensively and pushes the envelope everywhere she goes. In June 2018, she climbed to the 17,000 ft. base camp at Mt. Everest, and in August 2018, she skydived in New Zealand. Her international adventures with family and friends continue to demonstrate how her passion for life fuels her endless drive to achieve and live life to its fullest.

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