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Health and Wellness Expert Leisa Hart is best known for her multi-million-selling Warner Brothers Buns of Steel workout series. A seasoned talent with a track record of success, she has sold over 6 million DVD's and generated over one billion dollars in infomercial sales. Her vast media experience includes Entertainment Tonight, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Extra, ESPN, FOX, NBC, Consumer Reports, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and Shape and Self Magazines, just to name a few. She dazzles audiences with her warm, approachable personality as a fitness DVD icon, motivational speaker, television host, emcee and product endorser.

Hart is the Host of "Home and Lifestyle TV" which airs on ABC in Dallas. She also appears on QVC as a Product Spokesperson for various companies.

As Host of the DirectBuy infomercial, Leisa was nominated for “Best Lead-Generating Infomercial” in 2007 by the prestigious Jordan Whitney GreenSheet Awards. She was also nominated as “Best Female Presenter” in 1998 and 2006. Consumer Reports rated her Buns of Steel 4 release as "the Safest Workout."

Hart's Buns paved success also incurred many obstacles, each mapping the way to the silver lining of relating to her audience on deeper levels. A hip fracture, back surgery, and rheumatoid arthritis brought Leisa to low points that at times seemed insurmountable. “I felt like I was drowning but knew I would come up for air soon by visualizing where I deserved to be,” recalls Hart. "I'm honored to empower lives by sharing the struggles I've been blessed to overcome." 

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