Monte Hay

Chief Speaker Officer
Master Sergeant
United States Marine Corps (retired)
Inspirational Speaker | Keynote Speaker | Leadership Consultant | Influencer | 
Business Consultant | Entrepreneur
  • Self-Discipline  
  • Leadership
  • Goal Setting: Personal & Professional
  • English


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Monte is a highly energetic and extremely enthusiastic speaker who credits his challenging upbringing into shaping the man that he is today. Raised in a single-parent home in the small town of Williston, South Carolina, the opportunity to join a gang or sell drugs was always present. Those were not options for Monte; he wanted a challenge and he wanted to provide a better life for his family.
Monte joined the Marine Corps in 1991 at 5'10" and 125 lbs and never looked back. He was constantly told he would fail and was wasting his time. Monte proved to himself and others that a tireless work-ethic, and optimistic attitude, and a great amount of faith can lead anyone to achieving their goals and capturing their dreams. With 26 years of military service, Monte focused on leadership, mentoring, and coaching with unique and inspiring skill sets that can be applied to all industries.
Monte became a business owner in the number one travel club/company in the world that has amassed over 200 team members worldwide. His nine years of experience in sales and marketing has helped to lead his company to be one of the fastest growing in the network marketing and direct-sales industry. Being set on the foundation of faith and family, Monte also provides coaching, mentoring, and guidance to his team. With an always on the clock attitude and 24/7/365 mindset, he constantly puts everyone in the best position to win.
Monte has influenced thousands of men and women from all over the world with the mission to inspire millions. His strategic thinking and ability to scout talent has enabled him to become highly sought after in the sales and marketing industry. Monte's willingness to do all that he can to help bring out the best in others and see that they reach and exceed their goals in life makes him an inspiring coach and speaker.
Monte is married to his wife, Kiyomi, and they have a son, Micah.  

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