Inspirational-Based Approach

Military Speakers 
Military events and more
From Veterans Day to military birthday ball ceremonies, Global Inspirational Speakers can assist you with finding the right speaker, or Master of Ceremonies, for your event.
Speakers & Consultants for the Department of Defense and National Security
Leverage over 300 years of experience and expertise
Global Inspirational Speakers has the ability to connect United States Department of Defense and National Security agencies to inspirational and dynamic speakers and consultants.  Our speakers and consultants have over 300 years of unique and valuable experiences that can be applied throughout the Department of Defense Industry and National Security sectors.
Global Leadership
Leadership for all
Our speakers and consultants can assist organizations with preparing their C-Level Executives, C-Level Executive Teams, employees and their families for overseas opportunities.  Our speakers and consultants have over 300 years of insights that can be applied to all industries.
Personal & Professional Coaching
Balance your personal and professional lifestyle
We will provide tools and techniques that will assist professionals with living a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.  We have speakers that have been successful at achieving a healthy work-life balance while serving in, or supporting, one of the most demanding professions in the world.
Battlefield to Business Coaching
Improve organizational resilience
Organizations can enhance their employee's ability to be productive during stressful and uncertain moments.  Professionals cannot predict the outcome of any situation, but respond to them in a profitable way.  With Global Inspirational Speakers, you will hear amazing stories, learn about acceptance, and how to create opportunities during stressful situations.

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