Sharyn Cordice

Ordained Minister | Author | Christian Life Coach | Keynote Speaker 
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Sharyn Cordice is an ordained minister and life coach, and has been a professional makeup artist in television and film for over 30 years. Her years in ministry and as a life coach have helped her develop a fresh perspective and unique approach when working with people, allowing her to discover the dormant treasures that are often hiding deep within others.
Sharyn is the author of The Internal Makeovera fresh perspective. Discovering one's dormant treasures which at times are hidden deep within. A master storyteller, she uses the lessons from her life to convey takeaways on improving a host of life, work, leadership, and interpersonal habits.
With her unique ability to help people rebrand themselves, Sharyn established The Rose of Sharon Unlimited. She works with various artists, individuals, and companies to help them break out of old patterns, transform, and build something beautiful.
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  • What does Serving have to do with Leadership?
  • Rediscovering me
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